Comfortable modern fabric sofa-Beige

1.COMFORTABLE DESIGN:Wide &comfortable cushions are a hallmark of thismodern sofa. Easy-careremovable cushionand bright color pillows make this piece looking fresh. Astrong solidwood frame connects tocylindrical golden metal legs and structure to the foam-seat cushions.Soft arms give additional support.Such comfortable attracts you to sit. 

2.SUITABLE FOR ANY SPACE:ThisSofa makes any modern living space appealing yet cozy. It is a naturally-strong frame that features a streamlined silhouette suited for a variety of decor styles. It's absolutely a good idea for placement in a living room, apartments, studios, office. 

3.EASY TO CLEAN:Easy-to-clean polyester textured fabricwhich just be used damp cloth. 

4.EASY TO ASSEMBLY:Instructions manual and tools are included.Together with armrests,pillows & cushions hide in the bottom of each seat.Partial assembly within 10 minutes.

5.PACKAGE:Two packages totallymay arrive separately within a few days.


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